Cloud ERP software for 21st century companies

Manage sales, finance, production and human resources on a single platform, all available from anywhere in the world.

Business in an easier and more intuitive way

The latest technologies help you control your business in one place, be it sales, finance, production or human resources.


Create contracts, prices and invoices

Save time creating documents, see what a different view of the sales process looks like, and take complete control of your sales and purchasing cycles.

Retail and wholesale

Transparent sales process, from offer to invoice

Rebates and contracts

Define your contractual relationships by groups or items, using discount percentages or fixed prices

Interactions with partners

The entire history of the relationship in one place, from meetings to emails and calls

Automatic postings and VAT calculations

Create your financial rules, and check your partners in detail, and still be sure of your numbers throughout the work.



The general ledger, journal entries, accounts and cost centers are just the basic concepts of finance

Incoming / outgoing invoice books

Calculation of VAT according to all legislative rules


Record daily income and expenses in a few steps


Manage your warehouses

Whether you need a marked warehouse as well as pallet locations, or just want to bring order to your item names, FactorOne will support you.

Unique nomenclature

How to avoid double-named items and how to always have a consistent item name is one of the biggest challenges.

Smart supply-chain

Instead of defining minimum stocks, let machine learning calculate the optimal stocks of your warehouses for you

Also available online

Stock availability data can also be promoted to your customers through e-commerce or mobile sales


From production requests, to work orders, capacity to control and shipment. One of the most complex processes, has been carefully developed with multiple manufacturing companies.



Are you sure you can produce the requested within the required time?

Quality assurance

Maintain a high level of quality, analyzing previous mistakes and ways not to repeat them

Work orders with bar codes

Eliminate waste of time easily, by quickly reading bar codes, your employees can record their own work

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