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BB New Look export-import Ltd. triples conversions in less than a month

BB New Look export-import Ltd. is the exclusive importer and distributor of world-famous fashion brands for clothing, footwear and decorative home decoration program, known under the brands: Retro Shoes, Retro Denim , Retro Home and House Fashion. It distributes through a retail chain consisting of 18 retail units, through which it includes the concepts: Multibrend and Online Shop

To present their products, they used a separate Ecommerce solution.

The idea from BB New Look made sense - one web shop, which must be flexible enough for all product groups, connected to the business system. Opportunities in administration are a special part of the story, as the emphasis is on enabling cutting-edge ways of reporting.

Of course, in addition to business facilitation, ideas for better conversions on the site, better design, better navigation, and a better user experience for web shop visitors were a priority.

Their well-documented demands were the key to communicating with Galileo and they shared a common goal all along - they were confident of success.

What did they do? They have tripled conversions in less than a month, when compared to all previous Ecommerce solutions.

BB New Look states that they waited a very long time for the partner project, because the Ecommerce solution had to contain tens of thousands of items, have separate behavioral logics by categories and everything had to be connected to existing systems. They further state that professionalism and expertise were at a high level throughout the 2 months of the project. Help and optimization around organic SEO, and a fast and intuitive site, are the key reasons that have led to a tripling of traffic.